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Science Incursions banner with students building a robot, releasing butterflies and using dry ice

We bring STEM to you!

Kindergarten, Primary & Secondary school and Community group incursions!


We offer a range of engaging hands-on incursions to support you in the classroom. Whether your goal is to supplement your lessons with expert-lead experiments and specialist equipment, or to excite and captivate your students with topics outside of your curriculum, our experienced VIT registered teachers are here for you!

STEM Zone incursions are not a show - every program we offer is designed for your students to perform the activities and experiments themselves and have their curiosity ignited! Disclaimer: we do always bring some impressive demos for your students too - because we LOVE cool demos!

You can choose from a stand-alone session for a class or the whole school, a unit of work to run over a number of lessons, or weekly/fortnightly STEM classes aligned with the Victorian Curriculum. 


Get in touch and we will design your bespoke program to suit the needs of your students and your school!

See below for some of our valued clients.. 

"The only source of knowledge is experience." - Albert Einstein

With STEM Zone, our students are doing, not watching.

Student making a battery powered car during the Electricity unit for school incursions
STEM Zone incursion chemistry experiment setup with test tubes, bunsen burners and other chemistry glassware
Skeleton set up for anthropometry during the STEM Zone forensics incursion
Flyer listing some of the incursions offered by STEM Zone in Drouin

Some of Our Valued Clients..

Having STEM Zone run our Science lessons at Labertouche Primary School has changed the way our students engage with STEM and enhanced their understanding of all elements of the STEM program. The opportunity to work with Science specialists has been a game changer. As a Principal, I can be confident that we are addressing all the Science achievement standards across our school. However, STEM Zone has done more than meet the standards… They have engaged our students, challenged our students, and given them the opportunity to use equipment and participate in experiments that our little school could not possibly resource on our own.

Christie Bransgrove, Principal

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