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Start your year with expert study advice and resources! 

With a combined 19 years experience teaching VCE studies to over 2000 individual students, our high impact study strategies will help you perform at your best while maintaining your health, social life and co-curricular commitments!

Our professional tutors and teachers will address the following questions and more during the 3 hour study skills workshop:

  • How does my brain store and recall information effectively?

  • Is sleep and nutrition really that important?

  • What are the most effective study strategies?

  • How can I build good study habits without losing my connection with friends?

  • How can I be most productive and spend less time studying?

  • How can I balance my co-curricular activities and still get the marks I want?

  • How can I use technology to help me get ahead?

  • How can I improve my performance on SACs to boost my ranking?

  • How can I enjoy Year 12 and avoid burnout?


Boost your confidence, enhance your memory, fine tune your time management skills, increase your academic performance, reach your goals.



Accelerate your learning with our VCE Revision Workshops here!

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