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Join Our Team!

At STEM Zone, our mission is to connect with the community and empower students and educators to foster their creativity and curiosity of the world around them. We value learning and offer every opportunity for young people to grow and extend themselves in a safe environment.


Primary School Tutoring

We offer tutoring with qualified and pre-service teachers for Primary School students from P-6. We cover numeracy and literacy and everything in between. Get in touch, we are always hiring!

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Secondary School Tutoring

We are looking for Maths & Science teachers to tutor both Middle School and VCE subjects. There are many students in need of support. Join our team and make a difference!


VCE Services

We run study groups and VCE revision lectures for Maths & Science subjects. We write practice exams and offer cross marking and other support services for schools. Give us a call if you are interested!

Current Job Opportunities

Get in touch if you are interested in joining our team in any area, we are always looking for passionate people as our local small business grows.


Current job ad on SEEK:

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