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National Science Week explodes at

The STEM Zone Experiment

Calling all science enthusiasts! Get ready for an immersive journey into the wonders of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths (STEM) during National Science Week.

Our hands-on wonderland is set to spark curiosity, ignite passion, and inspire the next generation of innovators.



VR PHTO 2.png

Mind-Bending VR Experiences

Chemical Reactions

Light-Bending Photography

Brain-Teasing Engineering Tasks

Dive into virtual worlds and explore the future of technology.

Witness captivating experiments showcasing the power of chemistry.

Discover the art and science behind stunning visual effects.

Challenge yourself with creative problem-solving activities.

Robotics Showcase

Interact with robots and learn about cutting-edge advancements.

Earth-Saving Solutions

Learn about sustainable innovations and environmental initiatives.

Physics Experiments

Defy gravity and explore the forces shaping our universe.


Our immersive event features a range of interactive exhibits, engaging workshops, and captivating demonstrations.

Dive into hands-on activities, explore the latest technologies, and meet inspiring local scientists sharing their journeys and insights!

kids doing dry ice experiments birthday party mad scientist theme
Magnifying glass inspecting fingerprints in one of our Forensic Science  incursions
Electricity unit school incursions - 2 students building a model electric car


We're excited to offer free entry for parents and guardians, making this event more accessible to all our families.

Tickets are required for entry into the event, so be sure to select the free adult ticket when purchasing for your kids!

See FAQs below


Don't miss out on this explosive exploration of STEM! Secure your tickets today and join us at The STEM Zone Experiment for an unforgettable experience.


HOURS FOR $11.50!

Join us for a spectacular Family Science Festival!

Immerse yourself in 3 hours of science experiments and inquiry, diving into a world of hands-on activities and interactive experiences for the whole family. Explore the wonders of science together, sparking curiosity and igniting a passion for discovery.

Show your children the incredible STEM career opportunities out there by hearing from scientists from our rural home towns who have gone on to lead the way in their field! Stay tuned for the program of presenters, interviewed on stage during your session to share their fascinating insights and the reasons they love their careers! What does a day in the life of a real STEM professional look like? How can your children become future leaders in STEM?

AUGUST 10, 2024



9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

12:30 PM - 3:30 PM

one of Australia's premier regional exhibition venues
Situated just 12kms from Warragul and approximately 1 hour from Melbourne, Lardner Park is conveniently located and easily accessible from the M1 freeway.
Getting Here

Please note that filming/photography is taking place at this event and footage may be used for marketing material. If you prefer not to be photographed please talk with the photographer. 

155 Burnt Store Rd, Lardner VIC 3820


Ready to experience the magic of the Family Science Festival? Scan the QR code or hit that book now button to secure your tickets and reserve your spot at this exciting event!

Limited Spaces Available

Reserve your tickets early to guarantee your entry to the Family Science Festival.

  • Who is running the party? Is it safe?
    STEM Zone parties are led by experienced, qualified STEM teachers and their trained assistants. Every activity is designed for maximum wow factor and maximum safety! We have completed thorough risk assessments and children are instructed through each step of the way. Safety Lab Coats and Glasses are provided and we are also qualified in First Aid. Please inform us at the time of booking if any of the guests have allergies or other medical conditions so we can ensure every child can participate in every activity!
  • Do you cater for children with diverse needs?
    Yes, we value inclusivity, and will work with families to offer the best experience possible, for as many children as possible!
  • Can I bring party food to the venue?
    We do not allow party food to be brought to the venue for health and safety reasons. We do, however, have a number of great food packages available for your guests, or you can eat at home or at the local park. You can definitely bring your birthday cake to the venue. We have cutlery and crockery available. Children also receive a bag of popcorn, cordial and small party bag including the product of their final take home activity.
  • Can you provide the birthday cake?
    This is something we are looking into, but right now we are not able to provide the birthday cake for your party. We could offer some recommendations as there are some amazing local cake makers in Gippsland! Either way, seeing a science-themed birthday cake for your child would absolutely make our day!
  • Did you say you had party invitations for us to use?
    Yes, invitations are available for FREE download. These can be found at the bottom of the Birthday Party page on our website. They are configured as 2x A5 invitations on 1x A4 sheet of paper so you can cut them in half to save paper and ink! If you are having trouble or do not have access to a printer we would be happy to help. Give us a call and you can pick some up from our venue at STEM Zone (Shop 2. 81 Main South Rd, Drouin, VIC 3818).
  • Can siblings participate in the cool STEM activities too?
    Absolutely! Siblings must be counted in the final booking number. Any siblings under 7 years old must be directly supervised by their guardian or other adult guest for every activity.
  • Do adults need to stay for the party? If so, can they participate in the activities?
    We require at least 1 adult guest present to supervise the children as they share the duty of care for the children attending. As our presenters are focusing on a dynamic, engaging party making sure all children are safe while conducting the experiments, a parent is required to maintain children’s wellbeing and their behaviour during the session. Adults are welcome to participate but must be counted in the booking headcount. Please discuss this with us prior to the party.
  • How long does it go for?
    STEM Zone parties are booked for 2 hour sessions. The STEM activities run for approx. 1.15 hours and then 45 minutes is allocated for food and party bags and the CAKE!
  • Can we host the party at our house instead?
    We do not visit houses or other venues routinely. We could potentially organise our staff to bring the party to a different venue but this will incur an additional fee plus travel costs.
  • Can the kids wear costumes?
    Yes, we would love that! During the activities we ask that children wear one of our lab coats over the top (or smock for smaller scientists)...which is usually pretty exciting for them as well!
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