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FREE Resources: VCE Tutorials & Worksheets

Look here for our VCE worksheet series and video tutorials for our VCE students.

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VCE tutorial sessions

Our experienced VCE teachers are working through your course with you! Check out the topic list and schedule below.


  • STEM Zone Official


Welcome to our VCE Biology playlist! This comprehensive series is designed to help you master key concepts and excel in your studies. Each episode covers crucial topics in biology, providing clear explanations and engaging visuals to enhance your learning experience.


Whether you're a VCE student preparing for exams or simply passionate about biology, this playlist offers valuable insights and knowledge to boost your understanding of the subject.

  • Biochemical pathways & Enzymes

  • Photosynthesi

  • Factors affecting Photosynthesis, C4 & CAM plant adaptations

  • Cellular Respiration (Aerobic & Anaerobic)

  • Factors affecting Cellular Respiration & Anaerobic fermentation of biomass for biofuels 

  • Application of CRISPR Cas-9 technologies to improve efficiencies & crop yields

  • Scientific Method

  • Review of key concepts in Unit 3

  • Preview of concepts in Unit 4


Dive deep into the fascinating world of psychology with our comprehensive VCE Psychology playlist! From the basics of psychological principles to complex theories and applications, our expertly curated videos are designed to help you excel in your studies.


Join us as we explore topics like brain function, cognitive processes, mental health, and more. Perfect for students preparing for exams or anyone curious about the human mind

  • Observational Learning

  • Atkinson-Shiffrin Multistore Model of Memory

  • The role of different brain structures in memory

  • The role of episodic and semantic memory in retrieving autobiographical events and in constructing possible imagined futures. The use of mnemonics

  • Research Methods

  • Research Methods in questions

  • Sleep & Physiological Changes

  • Stages of Sleep


Welcome to the ultimate resource for VCE Chemistry students, brought to you by STEM Zone! This playlist is designed to help you master the concepts, theories, and practical applications required for success in the Victorian Certificate of Education Chemistry curriculum. Whether you're studying for exams, working on assignments, or simply want to deepen your understanding of chemistry, STEM Zone has you covered.

Explore a comprehensive collection of video tutorials, explanations, and demonstrations that cover key topics such as atomic structure, chemical bonding, stoichiometry, organic chemistry, and more. Each video is carefully crafted to simplify complex concepts, provide clear explanations, and offer practical examples to enhance your learning experience.

Prepare for your exams with detailed walkthroughs of past exam questions, tips for effective study strategies, and guidance on how to approach challenging problems. Stay updated with the latest curriculum changes, exam formats, and study techniques to ensure you're fully prepared for success in your VCE Chemistry journey.

Join thousands of students who have used these resources from STEM Zone to excel in their VCE Chemistry studies. Subscribe to the playlist and start your journey towards mastering VCE Chemistry today!

  • Electrolytic Cells​ 

  • Comparison of Galvanic and electrolytic cells​

  • Batteries​

  • The role of innovation in designing cells & Faraday’s Laws​

  • ​Rates of Reaction​

  • Equilibrium​

  • Changes to Equilibrium & the conflict between equilibrium & rate​

  • Organic Chemistry

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